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3.What is the feed size for a ultra-fine grinder?a) > 34 inchesb) < 34 inchesc) > 12 inchesd) < 12 inchesview answeranswer: bexplanation: the feed size of ultra-fine grinder is less than 34 inches and the product sizes between 1 to 20 micro meter passing through 100 mesh.4.The fluid energy mill involves __________a) pressureb) temperaturec) fluidd) densityview answeranswer: aexplanation: the fluid energy mill usually uses compressed air and super-heated steam admitted at a pressure of 7 atm through nozzles.5.At what speed stirred mill operates?a) 50 to 500 rpmb) 5 to 10 rpmc) 10 to 500 rpmd) 100 to 1500 rpmview answeranswer: dexplanation: in a stirred mill, a central paddle wheel or impellor armature stirs the media at speed from 100 to 1500 rpm.Advertisement freestar.Queue.Push(function () { googletag.Display('sanfoundry_300x250_320x50_320x100_inlist2'); }); 6.What does colloid mill produces?a) emulsions and solid dispersionsb) wet and dry productsc) coarse and fine particlesd) broad particlesview answeranswer: aexplanation: colloidal suspensions, emulsions and solid dispersions are produced by means of colloid mills or dispersions mills.7.The clearance between rotor and stator is ______a) 5 to 10 mmb) 1 to 2.5 mmc) 0 to 1.25 mmd) 5 to 15 mmview answeranswer: cexplanation: the mill consists of a flat rotor and stator, the clearance between the rotor and stator is generally 1 to 1.25 mm.8.The power consumption of colloid mill is _______a) very lowb) optimumc) criticald) very highview answeranswer: dexplanation: the power consumption is very high and the material should therefore be ground as fine as possible before it is fed to mill.9.The speed of a rotary knife cutter is ___a) 100 to 500 rev/minb) 200 to 900 rev/minc) 400 to 600 rev/mind) 50 to 60 rev/minview answeranswer: cexplanation: a rotary knife cutter contains a horizontal rotor turning at 200 to 900 revolutions per minute, which is cylindrical chamber.10.______ indicates the impact of resistance.A) toughnessb) rigidityc) brittlenessd) fatigueview answeranswer: aexplanation: toughness indicates the impact of resistance.It is the inverse of friability and brittleness, it is also a deciding factor for commutation.Advertisement freestar.Queue.Push(function () { googletag.Display('sanfoundry_300x250_320x50_btf_1'); }); sanfoundry global education & learning series mechanical operations.To practice all areas of mechanical operations, here is complete set of 1000+ multiple choice questions and answers. prev page - mechanical operations questions and answers intermediate and fine crushers next page - mechanical operations questions and answers advantages of ball mill.

Ball mill in india is the important machine.What ever iron ore , gold ore, manganese , tantalite, zinc beatification plant and cement , limestone, marble cut off , talc grinding plant, we all should use the ball mill to complete the key crushing plant.The hollow axis adopts the cast steel, and the lining can be replaced.The big rotary gear is forged from cast rolling gears.The ball mill runs steadily and efficiently.The advantage of the ball mill feature attracted more than 1020 clients in india, and 5946 clients all over the wold.

The cement ball mill in cement plant is usually divided into 2-4 silos, the most representative of which are the new type of high fineness cement ball mill and open flow high fineness cement ball mill.There are three cement processing circuits.1.Open circuit grinding the ball mill in the cement plant for open circuit grinding consists of grinding bin, dust collector and ball mill.Advantages: the cement plant process is the simplest, with less investment and simple operation and maintenance.Disadvantages: serious over grinding in the mill, low efficiency, difficulty in fineness adjustment of finished products, high power consumption.

Ball mill steel balls are consumables of the grinding plant, milling balls need to be replenished at intervals to ensure the grinding quality and grinding rate.How many balls in a ball mill can obtain the best grinding efficiency? lets figure out.If you would like the ball mill price, contact us, quick respond!.

The rod mill, a tumbling mill characterized by the use of rods as grinding media, it is used for grinding ores, coal/coke, and other materials for both wet and dry applications.Great wall rod mill can be divided into dry rod mill and wet rod mill.It consists of five parts including cylinder shell, feeding system, discharge system, main bearing and transmission system.It is widely used in refractory, chemical industry, metallurgy, glass and other grinding industries with relatively high requirement on product uniformity, as well as sand making industries.So users can choose proper rod mill according to their own actual situations.Materials too wet for fine crushing and dry screening may be wet ground in a rod mill.Practice has demonstrated the ability of a rod mill to dry grind damp materials that will pack or plug other grinding equipment.And scrap loss are reduced by correct selection of liners for the specific grinding duty.Additional benefit results from use of a backing material, such as rubber between the liners and the mill shell.1.Energy savingcompared with the sliding bearing of the old rod mill,great wallnew equipment can save you 10-20% energy in total.The production is improved more than 10% than usual.2.Good discharged particle sizethe experienced technology design on the specification can promise you a well running situation with less over crushing problem.3.Good at wet grindingwe have supplied numbers of wet rod mill for customer in coal chemical industry,in orderto deal with the coal and petroleum coke material and prepare for the coal water slurry making.4.Easy installation and easy access5.Wet overflow discharging designthe grinding rod mill can design as the first level open circuit grinding equipment, which can be widely used in the department of manual stone sand, ore treatment plant and chemical plant, etc.Rod mill is different with ball mill1.Grinding media of rod mill are steel bars.Ball mill use of steel ballsas grinding media.2.Rod mill is suitable for coarse grinding, when product granularity is between 1 to 3mm, processing capacity of rod mill is bigger than ball mill with same specification.3.Rod mill has certain selective grinding effect because grinding media of rod mill and ores is in line contact.Hence, it has uniform product granularity and less over crushed ore grain.4.Productivity of rod mill is generally about 15% lower than that of grid ball mill with same specification.When product granularity is smaller than 0.5mm, grinding effect of rod mill is not as good as ball mill with same specification.5.Feeding granularity of rod mill is generally 15 to 25mm.Product granularity of rod mill can be up to 1~3mm.Working principleduring the work of rod mill, the motor drives through the reducer, driving the cylinder to rotate.The grinding media-steel bars in the cylinder body.Under the centrifugal force and friction force, grinding media will be elevated to a certain height, and then fell in purging fall state.The material to be milled andtheywill be fed continuously into the cylinder from the feeding mouth; they are crushed by the mobile shattered grinding media, and then discharged finished material through the overflow and continuous feeding power, for the next work step.

The researchers can obtain a powder of the corundum nanoparticles by simply grinding lumps of boehmite, aluminium oxyhydroxide contained in the frequently occurring ore bauxite, in a ball mill for 3 h and then heating them briefly.Until now, chemists were only able to produce corundum from other aluminium oxides or hydroxides if they fired the starting materials at temperatures greater than 1200c or pressurized them at milder temperatures of 500c for weeks.However, especially after high temperature treatment, instead of nanoparticles, larger crystals were formed.

The working principle is not complex as well.The material that needs to be processed is placed in the cylindrical shell through the top opening.Once the material gets the desired size, it is discharged from the opening at the bottom.The minute you start the ball mill, both the shell and the balls inside start to rotate and to grind the material.Its important to keep the ball mill running at a low operating speed.That speed is also known as critical speed.At that speed the balls inside rotate in the same direction as the cylindrical shell.

With a view to developing a sound basis for the design and scale-up of ball mills, a large amount of data available in the literature were analyzed for variation of the two key mill performance parameters: power specific values of the absolute breakage rate of the coarsest size fraction, s*, and absolute rate of production of fines, f*, with some of the important operating and design variables such as the mill speed, ball load, particle load, ball diameter and mill diameter.In general, values of both the mill performance parameters were found to vary significantly with the mill operating conditions.The nature and relative magnitude of variation for the two parameters also differed significantly.Moreover, the effect of any particular variable on the s* and f* values was found to be significantly different for different sets of operating conditions.It has been emphasized that, as the purpose of grinding is to produce fine particles, the mill design and scale-up work should be based mainly on the f* parameters.Moreover, it is not correct to regard the s* values to be independent of the mill design and operating variables as a general rule, especially for a fine analysis of the performance of the grinding systems.

The rod of diameter from 50 to 100 mm is oftenused as the grinding medium, and the filling rate of rod mill is 35% to 45%, whilefilling rate of ball mill is 40% to 50%.

The 21 liter (5 gallon) 911metallurgy 911mpe21bm dual function laboratory rod mill / ball mill is designed to meet the industrial requirements to grind coal, cement and a wide variety of ores.The dual duty laboratory grinding mill consists of a gear motor mounted on a high precision solid steel underframe complete with outlet funnel and a set of separation screens plus sample collector.

3.Long cylinder ball mill: when the cylinder length l 4d, its a long ball mill.It is generally divided into 2-4 bins.

The iron ore ball mill scientifically adjusts the grading scheme of the steel ball according to the size, and composition of the materials to be ground, so as to make the particle size of the materials more even.


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