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Jaw crusher is used to reduce the sizes of different ores, which is widely used in the field of mining.

A jaw crushers flywheel, toggle plates, pitman, eccentric shaft, and driving motor generate the crushing action and provide the energy needed to break the material.

Firstly,the chrome ores are crushed with an jaw crusher for major crushing, then crushed chromite ores resources are crushed with an effect crusher ore cone crusher.Pe jaw crusher stress resistance power is below 200mpa, and pew jaw crusher stress resistance power is below 280mpa.Effect crusher is extensively utilized in mining, transportation, energy, development and substance industry.Comparing with other types crusher, cone crusher have excellences for good crushing.

The space at the bottom of the crushing chamber will determine the size of the crushed material afterwards.The difference is defined as a ratio, such as 6:1 or 8:1.This the crushing power needed to operate the crushing chamber is generated by a motor connected to a flywheel, which transfers inertia from the flywheel to the crusher.Because of the large material sizes fed into mobile jaw crushers, these machines need to be robustly constructed.

First, we should pay more attention screws fixing jaw crusher whether there is loose or rupture phenomenon.Jaw crusher needs to rely on the screws to be fixed on the ground.If the screw is coming loose or rupture, one side of the machine will happen firstly slight shaking.If we don't tighten the loose screw or replace the screw of fracture in time, it will make the rest of the screw move easily or rupture, and then shaking phenomenon is more serious, even can damage the machine.

Its application scope: it is widely used for road and bridge construction, urban construction, crushing and screening etc.It's specially used for mobile stone operations such as highway, railway, hydropower engineering etc.As it has a wide crushing scope, users can adopt a variety of configurations according to the type and size of raw materials and different material requirements of finished products.It can also be equipped with highly efficient jaw crusher and the material handling is very fast.It is an essential crushing machine in road and bridge heavy industry, freeway and railway projects.

Crusher spare parts by oem - crusher is a manufacturer & supplier of premium crusher spare parts since 1997.Crusher offer jaw crusher parts and cone crusher .

There are many methods for determining that the time has come to recondition your telsmith swing jaw assembly.It has brought you through the busy and slow times in your operating seasons, now its time to evaluate it for the 5 telltales of an impending pitman failure. confirming you have any 3 of these conditions usually gives you enough time to react and acquire necessary parts and start planning on repairs. use this information wisely as it can help you make informed decisions on your crusher and revenue streams.1.Oil or grease analysis with an escalation in high internal bearing component contamination findingsorganic (from within) contamination would include fe (iron), cu (copper) and pb (lead) as these are the primary elements found in the bearing race and rollers (fe) and in many spherical bearings that have brass (cu + pb) cages for aligning the rollers. as these begin to wear these components increase the component elements in the oil or grease. high or increasing levels of concern would include:iron (fe) above 150 ppmcopper (cu) above 200 ppmsilica (si) above 150 ppmwater greater than 0.5 ppmphosphorus (p) lower than 200 ppm (phosphorus is the ep or extreme pressure additive required in many crushers).When this phosphorus level decreases it indicates that the oil no longer has the load-bearing characteristics needed to protect your crusher bearings.Verify you are sourcing an ep gear oil with your oil supplier.Silica levels above 150 ppm indicate a potential dirt entry source, verify the breathers are good and that all tank seals are intact.Water should be 0 ppm so higher levels may indicate condensation issues maybe a result of breather issues or reservoir or crusher seals might be permitting that water entry.Be sure to sample each bearing location so that you can identify the potential source of the contamination whether it be organic or external.2.Decreasing coast downtimehopefully, youve been logging the machine coast downtime which is the time it takes the crusher to stop rotating after you power off (with the lubrication system running of course). you should start measuring this from day one. the coast downtime depends upon the size of the crusher and the bearing condition so having this information right from the start when you commission the crusher is clearly helpful.Logging the coast downtime helps you recognize when there are issues and confirms when there is a looming issue. sometimes a decreased coast downtime may merely indicate debris is stuck where it shouldnt so always perform a good inspection of the feed, chamber and discharge areas for any buildup of debris stuck between the cheek plates and the pitman die on a jaw crusher as an example. clear this debris and you should get a better coast downtime. if you are noticing a gradual (several months) consistent loss in your coast downtime take a close look at the other telltales.3.Bearing temperature variations that dont make sensemonitoring or logging the bearing temperatures again gives your informed telltales about the condition of the bearings.Look at the swing jaw bearing housings and the mainframe bearing housing separately as a swing jaw bearing and mainframe bearing typically have a larger difference in temperatures. compare swing jaw bearings and note any big differences in temperature (15 20of difference) can help identify issues.Sometimes the side with the sun shining on it can make these temperatures different so logging these temperatures helps get you some averages to look at. if you are lucky enough to have built-in temperature sensors, your plc might be logging these for you. if you do have higher temperatures between like bearings inspect the jaw centering in the frame. verify the grease amounts and grease purging requirements if this is a grease-lubricated model.4.Bearing internal noisesthese can be audible or detected by vibration analysis tools.Compare swing jaw bearings to each other and compare the mainframe bearing areas together. for both audible and vibration analysis being consistent on the location at the component or for audible the distance, you are measuring the decibel level can be helpful. logging these values consistently over time helps to make those tough decisions on repair now or wait to repair.5.Higher crusher motor amperages empty or spikes during operation higher than normal motor amperages when running the crusher empty can indicate that there is a possible bearing issue looming.If this is a grease unit be sure to verify the grease is not excessively filled or over greased. if so try purging the grease. you can contact us to discuss this further.If you have high motor amperage spikes occasionally during operation combined with any noises this is a good indication there might be a roller element or cage getting ready to bind up.Understanding these 5 telltales better and using them to your advantage can really help you make better decisions on when to pull the pitman for repairs and hopefully before it locks the bearings up causing more repair expenses.Contact your local service representative with any questions or for help on preparing for repairs here: https://telsmith.Com/partsservices/local-support/.

First of all, the large gravel is evenly sent to the jaw crusher by the conveyor for preliminary crushing, and then sent to the gravel sanding machine for sanding and shaping operation by the conveyor, and the finished product is separated by vibrating sieve.The fine sand and gravel enters the sand washing machine to clean the high-quality finished sand, and the stone material which is not granulated from the vibrating sieve and continues to return to the gravel sanding machine for processing.In this cycle, the batch sanding operation is completed.

Iodine crusher is feeded into the jce jaw crusher for primary crushing by the vibrating feeder , then the bulk material is transfered by the elevator conveyor to mill for fine grinding, and finally the finished product is out of grinding mill and it's fineness can reach a range of 30 -2,500 mesh.

Our company integrates research and development, designing, manufacturing, sales and after-sales services.We have different stone product line can satisfy your requirement.Technological process: the quartz sand production line is fit for raw ore with input size smaller than 160mm and output size about 8mm or less.Sieve shaker can be added with a variety of specifications, capacity is input quartz sand (hardness 5-6grade).Using forklift truck to put quartz sand into bar hopper, for bulk materials primaries, the little material transported by belt conveyor to the fine type jaw crusher for crushing, sent to fine crusher by belt conveyor, output material to a straight line screen for screening, unqualified material is returned to crush again, qualified material is transferred to the finished product stockpile.30-45t/h quartz sand production lineequipment configurationproducts namemodelqtypower(kw)pex jaw crusherpex 250x12002 piece37sand making machinevsi 85181 piece90x2circular vibrating screen4yk184822sand washing machinexsd26107.5fine sand recycling machinehx22-3011belt conveyorb6505.5b6007 piece4control cabinet1total power: 328kw.

One of several types of machines that perform a similar function but employ differing principles are the so-called jaw crushers manufactured by bell.They are widely known within the mining, quarrying, demolition and recycling sectors both for the exceptional strength of their construction and the long-term reliability of their performance in the often very harsh conditions presented by the environments in which they are required to operate.The performance requirements for these and other forms of crushing machine are determined largely by the relative hardness and the state of the material to be broken up along with the desired size of the processed material upon completion.


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