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my rich ore rock crushing i use a small jaw crusher to crush my gold and silver ore gold sluice design, gold sluice plans, building a gold .

Second, do not replace the lubricant to machine in a timely manner.Machine use for some time, the lubricating effect of the internal lubricant will reduce the operation of the machine shed debris deposited in the lubricant will increase the wear of the machine.So when the lubricant used for some time, we should be promptly replaced.And replacement use kerosene to clean up the interior thoroughly, and let a bit of debris left behind.So that the machine was not easy to wear.Third, the temperature inside the machine.Jaw crusher in the course will generate a lot of heat because of friction, if the heat does not timely dissemination of accumulation in the machine will damage the machine.Such as the central axis of the machine will be because of the high temperature deformation, broken stone can be damaged.Crusher must pay attention to the internal temperature, machine temperature is too high on the timely lay-off, reduce the temperature, re-use.Joining the raw materials did not single out the one of the iron.If the iron is in the raw materials, it will destroy the jaw crusher jaw piece.Cause the machine to be able to use.Five, unevenly to join materials.Such a load is too large when the excess raw materials into the machine will damage the machine.

Copper concentrate is also widely applied in crushers, especially for fixed jaw crusher machine, cone crushers, hammer crushers, etc.The sheep horn copper obtained from ore smelting is crude copper, and the electrolytic copper with high purity can be obtained by electrolysis.In the process of smelting and electrolysis, gold, silver, palladium, platinum, cadmium, lead, zinc, bismuth, selenium, tellurium, sulfur and other elements or compounds can also be recovered from anode mud, electrolyte, flue ash, and tail gas, respectively.Comprehensive utilization can not only reduce the pollution of waste liquid, waste residue, and waste gas to the environment and air, but also turn waste into treasure, and improve the utilization value of copper concentrate.

Price excludes gst please contact us for item location and more information sn: 00326 jaw crusher feed hopper, electric drive.

While these machine may be appealing due to their lower operating costs, they are not well suited to applications that require smaller material sizing and are therefore used in conjunction with other crushers.Another critical application factor to note is the effect of contaminated material; jaw crushers do not perform well with materials contaminated with clay, dirt or metal debris.

Our apgzd series and apzsw series are meant for continuous and even feeding of the raw material to the jaw crusher.The feeding amount can be adjusted according to your job requirements.

Frame: usually a portable jaw crusher is divided into two types integrated frame and assembled one.A lot of small and medium sized equipment utilize integrated frame being welded or cast by steel while large sized one characterized by difficult transportation and process are installed assembled frame and the latter is made up of a number of cast iron or welded parts joined by bolts.So, the material of frame has direct relationship with equipment quality.

After processing, being used in many industries, finished silica sand and silicon powder enjoy high price and broad market where silica sand is usually used in construction, ceramics and metallurgy while silicon powder is used in glass, chemical, machinery and aerospace.Processing silica through silica sand and silica fume production lines is particularly important, which makes the jaw crusher being a primary crushing plant an essential part.

Secondly, the biggest taboo of a jaw crusher is the nonuniform feeding in the process of feeding, especially when the feeding quantity suddenly increase, it will burn the motor because of excessive loads.Even though the motor wasn't burned, it will still increase the wear of a jaw crusher for long-term high load operating and it will also reduce the service life of the machine of the jaw crusher.

The max feeding size of pex jaw crusher is 250mm, and its discharging size can be adjusted within the range of 18mm to 90mm.

The process is as follows: the vibrating feeder uniformly sends the stone to the jaw crusher for preliminary crushing.The preliminary crushed material is sent to the sand making machine by the belt conveyor for further crushing.The finely divided materials are conveyed to a vibrating screen for sieving.The materials that reach the standard of finished product size are sent to a sand washer for cleaning.


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