Mining Stone Crusher Plant Machine

Principles of different equipment greatly influence the finished product shape.For example, fixed jaw crusher adopts squeezing process between mobile jaw and stationary jaw, so the final product possessing flat-elongated particles usually more than15% but with higher production capacity.Utilizing the way of squeezing between two arc surfaces, cone crushers create more even product withflat-elongated particles more than 10%.While finished product with the lowestflat-elongated particles less than 10% can be made by impact rock crusher due to the impact force of the impact plate and hammer.In a word, different principles of equipment decide sheet particle content and absolutely every device has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Henan hongxing mining machinery co., ltd is a large machinery equipment manufacture.The company produces widespread confidence crushers in the mining industry, which includes: jaw crusher, impact crusher, and vertical impact crusher, roll crusher, compound crusher and so on.Each crusher has different features; jaw crusher has many advantages, such as big reduction ratio, equal product granularity, simple structure, reliable working condition, convenient repair and economical operation.They are widely used in the works of mine, smelting, building material, road, railway, irrigation, chemical industry.The compression strength of the materials to be crushed is less than 320mpa.The impact crusher can process the material with side length of 100 to 500 mm.The compression strength can reach 350mpa.The advantages of the products are big reduction ratio and cubic shape of the crushed materials.In the industrial projects the crusher is related to the progress of the project, each customer should consider the choice of crusher carefully.

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According to the production needs of different users and the site conditions, hxjq has developed fixed crushers for sale and portable rock crushers for sale.The two types of stone crushing machines have their own advantages and characteristics.So what are the differences between the two crushing machines? lets first look at a customer case:.

Because construction waste dumping more concentrated, the venue is limited, and traffic is not very convenient, henan hongxing mining machinery suggested the use of mobile crushing plant.First, the commonwealth of mobile crushing and vibrating screening equipment, bulk materials on a variety of large-scale multi-stage crushing.Another mobile crushing equipment, small footprint, equipment flexibility, convenience, mobility, and can save a lot of infrastructure and relocation costs; to conduct on-site crushing of material transported from the scene without having to re-broken material, and with the surface mining of raw materials advance of the move, which significantly reduce the cost of shipping materials.Mobile crusher configuration flexibility, the design can be modified according to the actual on-site or special mobile crushing plant, ideal for construction waste crushing.

8.The vertical impact crusher is so environmentally-friendly that it causes little noise and pollution when operating.The operating sound is below 75 db and no dust is created.

As already can be seen from crusher parameters there are important process related issues like feed gradation, which has great impact to mentioned in table 2 have .

The customers can make a different choice according to actual situation.If the material is hard, cone crusher is a better choice.But if the customers have higher requirements on final products, impact crusher is more suitable.The final stage is screening operation.We generally use vibrating screen to screen materials.The vibrating screen has different screen meshes, which can make the final products satisfy demands of customers.

disadvantages high energy consumption, heavyweight and low output.With the development of high capacity, the rotary cone crusher will gradually be replaced by the hydraulic cone crusher.

Jaw crusher main features and benefits1.Simple structure and easy maintenance.2.Stable performance and low operating cost.3.High crushing ratio.4.Use high manganese steel, one-off foundry.5.High resistance to friction, abrasion and compression with longer operating life span.

Jaw rock crusher is used in the first process of crushing various mineral rocks with compressive strength no higher than 320mpa, such as the river pebble, calcite, granite, aggregates, quartz, concrete, dolomite, bluestone, iron ore, limestone, construction waste, etc.Because of its different materials, the jaw crusher can be called the rock jaw crusher, concrete jaw crusher, gold jaw crusher and so on.

The biggest business concern for rock crushing machines operators, undoubtedly, has to be crusher maintenance.Being able to properly run and maintain the rock breaker in order to maximize its life expectancy is an essential prerequisite.This will come from knowing the specifications.Being able to understand how much you can do and how to clean the crusher properly are the keys in extending its service life.Simply knowing when things need to be changed or replaced on the crushers will allow for increased life as well.


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