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A crusher is a machine designed to reduce large rocks into smaller rocks, gravel, or rock dust.Crushers may be used to reduce the size, or change the form, of waste materials so they can be more easily disposed of or recycled, or to reduce the size of a solid mix of raw materials (as in rock ore), so that pieces of different composition can be differentiated.Crushing is the process of transferring a force amplified by mechanical advantage through a material made of molecules that bond together more strongly, and resist deformation more, than those in the material being crushed do.Crushing devices hold material between two parallel or tangent solid surfaces, and apply sufficient force to bring the surfaces together to generate enough energy within the material being crushed so that its molecules separate from (fracturing), or change alignment in relation to (deformation), each other.The earliest crushers were hand-held stones, where the weight of the stone provided a boost to muscle power, used against a stone anvil.Querns and mortars are types of these crushing devices.In industry, crushers are machines which use a metal surface to break or compress materials.Mining operations use crushers, commonly classified by the degree to which they fragment the starting material, with primary and secondary crushers handling coarse materials, and tertiary and quaternary crushers reducing ore particles to finer gradations.Each crusher is designed to work with a certain maximum size of raw material, and often delivers its output to a screening machine which sorts and directs the product for further processing.Typically, crushing stages are followed by milling stages if the materials need to be further reduced.Crushers are used to reduce particle size enough so that the material can be processed into finer particles in a grinder.A typical circuit at a mine might consist of a crusher followed by a sag mill followed by a ball mill.In this context, the sag mill and ball mill are considered grinders rather than crushers.In operation, the raw material (of various sizes) is usually delivered to the primary crusher's hopper by dump trucks, excavators or wheeled front-end loaders.A feeder device such as a conveyor or vibrating grid controls the rate at which this material enters the crusher, and often contains a preliminary screening device which allows smaller material to bypass the crusher itself, thus improving efficiency.Primary crushing reduces the large pieces to a size which can be handled by the downstream machinery.Some crushers are mobile and can crush rocks (as large as 16 inches), concrete and asphalt into material as it is driven over material on road surface, thus removing the method of hauling oversized material to a stationary crusher and back to road surface.They are used, for example in road constructions.

There are several specifications such as 0 to 5mm,5 to 15mm,15 to 25mm,25 to 40mm.According to the requirements of construction, the grade of sand and gravel should be determined to choose suitable crushers and screens.

Impact crushers, jaw crushers, and cone crushers designed for crushing blast rock, c&d, recycled concrete and asphalt.

At this stage, the bulk materialor brittle materialin the gravel aggregate ore is pre-crushed by the hammer crusher, and the debris that is not suitable for crushingwill besortedout, and the waste wood, plastic, and other debris are removed to facilitate the nextprocess.The initial magnetic separation is performed to remove the scrap iron in the aggregate.

Iron ore reserves at present seem quite vast, but some are starting to suggest that the maths of continual exponential increase in consumption can even make this resource seem quite finite.The iron ore quarry mining process is complicated process and need many mining equipment.Through the mining process iron ore boulders are turned into all sizes of materials.The blasting process is the first step determining what needs to be accomplished next.Rock hammers, drop balls, primary crushers, and gyratory crushers all contribute to the iron ore mining process.Coarse materials are sent by belt conveyer to the iron ore crushing plant or iron ore grinding plant for additional crushing, grinding and sizing.The mine stockpiles different sizes of iron ore materials for their customers.

Quartz cone crusher as the common medium crushing equipment plays an important role in the quartz stone crushing line.It adopted the working principle of laminating crushing which differs from the squeezing crushing.Quartz cone crusher crushes materials by the action of materials, which can better control the crushing and shaping of the finished product.

Traditionally, the impact crusher is one of the crusher specially used in burning lime.Although the impact crusher is with the characteristics of big crushing ratio, the wearing parts is easily worn owning to the impact of the plate hammer, which causes the increasing cost of wearing parts as well as the reduction of the crushing amount.

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The main advantages of jaw crusehr are simple structure, convenient maintenance, high wear resistance, high cost performance, suitable for all kinds of hard ores.However, due to the high content of needle and flake aggregates in the discharge, it is necessary to cooperate with impact crusher for shaping.

After being separated, the parts that can meet standard will be taken away as final products, while the other parts will be returned to impact crusher, thus forming a closed circuit.Size of final products can be combined and graded according to customer specific requirement.We can also equip dust catcher system to protect environment.


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