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The features they provide to take the place of the best briquetting machine manufacturers are really noticeable.

Heavy-duty briquettes machine manufacturer of the modern industrialization era- the jay khodiyar machine tools keywords used: briquettes machine manufacturer, briquetting machine manufacturer, briquetting machine, biomass briquettes, briquetting plant, briquette machine, briquetting press.We at jay khodiyar machine tools always strive hard to come up with advanced and innovative bio- mass briquetting machines that delivers quantum of output in the form of briquettes.These high-quality briquettes are eco-friendly and do not contaminate the environment.Briquettes produce the same amount of energy as any other fossil fuels without leaving any harmful residue.The best part of these briquetting machines is that they convert the waste of agriculture, forest and industries into bio-fuel.Why briquettes and what it is exactly? briquette is a compressed block of agricultural waste or coal dust or other combustible biomass material such as wood chips, cotton salk, jute waste, sawdust, wheat straw, rice husk, sugarcane bagasse, peanut and peat etcetera and flammable substances kindling to ignite a fire.Briquetting is a process to change the loose biomass residues into proportional solid blocks which can be used as an alternative biofuel.Biomass briquettes have substituted fossil fuel or wood for cooking and in various industrial processes.They are easy to maintain, transport and store.The biomass briquettes are the 100% natural green fuels that provide dual benefits of keeping your environment clean and generating revenue for the economic development.How jay khodiyar machine tools are being used? jay khodiyar machine tools (www.Briquettemachine.Com) is developing and sophisticating to the briquetting industry by providing enormous brilliant machineries to many industrialist and countries throughout the globe.It has dedicated its all resources towards the development and growth of briquetting plant, briquetting machine and briquetting press industry.Jk machine tools (a subsidiary unit of jk group) - has been promoting renewable energy machines across the globe since 21 years gloriously.All the dedication, experience and expertise are used in the r&d on making briquetting machines for the economy and for a healthy environment.This is the attitude we maintained from our first day of establishment till the day and make us the reliable manufacturer of briquetting machines.

These machines are manufactured by a number of briquetting machine manufacturers.The advent of such machinery is encouraging people to start waste management as a business.This will solve two major problems of the country; first is the management of waste and second is creating an alternative for natural resources.

Today our company is the leading experts in the biomass or charcoal briquetting machinery business sector, including both single briquette machine and complete project for turnkey briquetting plant.We enjoy an excellent worldwide reputation.

The research shows that the biomass contributes as 35% of total energy supply in many countries.Also, the biomass has the potential that it can be used as a base material for fuel production.The biomass briquettes are formed by compression of biomass residues and agricultural waste materials called green waste.The briquette press machine is used for the compression of this green waste.The briquetting machine manufactures highly bulk and solid cylindrical block of biofuel briquette which often refers as a white coal.The eco-friendly technology used in biomass briquette machine is known as binder less technology as briquettes are manufactured without using any kind of chemical component or binding agent.

This oil filter baler, also known as oil filter briquetting machine or oil filter crusher, is designed not only for crushing scrap oil filters but also for crushing iron chips, metal cans, and other small size metal containers.Attributed to its high pressure force, compact compression room as well as a sliding door installed at the output chute, bulk metal scraps as described above will be crushed into tight square blocks, no need any strapping or bagging to hold the blocks.

It also influences strength and briquette quality a lot.When you use the best briquetting machine the excretion of lignin during the process acts as a natural binder that combines the fibers of the feedstocks to create robust briquettes.

In 1997 rico has invented jumbo-90 briquetting machine in india.This machine is able to grind any type of raw material and perfectly suitable who want large scale production of briquettes.Currently, the company provides two models in the briquetting machine first is jumbo-90 briquetting machine and second is super-70 briquetting machine.And these both machines are enough capable to meet the growing demand of briquettes.Rico an iso 9001 (design) company, indicate professionalism, capability and declaration to customer service, earned through self-governing analysis of companys qualified management systems.

At present after the pickings are over, the cotton plant is uprooted by the farmers and used for fuel purposes.Cotton stalks are woody residue and are valued as a household fuel.They are light, (density 0.21) and have a heating value of 3300 k cal/kg at 12% moisture content.The chemical composition of stalks consists of cellulose 41.93%, pentosan 18.99%, lignin 27.18% and benzene/alcohol extractions 9.3%.Cotton stalks can be carbonised to char which is suitable for briquetting and can be used as smaller fuel.For briquetting, char obtained from the kilns is screened, through a 3 mm screen and crushed and mixed with moist clay and molasses as binders, and lime as binder-cum-energy extender.The mixture obtained with 30-35% moisture content is then briquetted either in extraduers or roller briquetting machines, commercially available in india.These briquettes are then dried.In the following table no.5, specifications and utilities required for briquetting cotton stalks are presented.

Briquetting machine manufacturers also supply a wide range of briquette machine for sale and other briquetting equipment with the high demand.The development and propagation of non conventional briquetting machine is directed towards skillfully meeting the thermal energy requirements.It brings down the waste of conservative energy sources to a significant level.Briquette press for sale can be easily being searched on internet as there are many manufacturers and exporters who sell this machinery and other briquetting equipment.India as well as china offers huge variety of briquetting machines.The cost may differ as per the quality and efficiency of the product.

After independence there are many industries are established and due to some mechanical process chemical and sulfur release which cause pollution but briquetting machine is totally opposite of it, there is no any ash release when briquettes are made and burnt so biomass briquettes are a renewable source of energy.Briquetting machine is a substitute to produce biodiesel similar to traditional sources of energy.Traditional sources discharge carbon in the air while briquettes are a completely renewable source of energy.

Wood briquettes made out of the briquetting machines are quite easy to store as they come in standard shaded packets which are stackable.


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